Faith in the Field of Eastern NC

About Us

Faith in the Field is a family oriented, Christ centered ministry. We are a group of individuals who love the outdoors, particularly hunting and fishing, and share a deep desire to become closer with our savior, Jesus Christ. We believe that there is no better place to find the Lord than in His Great Temple, the great outdoors. 

Our emblem depicts the morning of the sixth day. On this day, God created the creatures of the earth and gave man dominion over them. In traditional Old Testament times, the sixth day would have been Friday, hence Dies Veneris, Latin for Day of Venus. Psalm 42:1 speaks of a deer longing for flowing water, just as our hearts long for our God. The Psalm continues by asking where can the Lord be found? Certainly he can be found in the woods, streams, and hillsides of this awesome planet. 

Faith in the Field meets once a month for supper. We share the bounty of this earth together, and build friendships over dinner. We have a brief announcement time that may explain upcoming events, church socials, wildlife festivals, or future plans for the group. We then have a guest speaker give a testimony on how his or her outdoor experiences have shaped and strengthened their Christian development. We close with a prayer, and leave changed people.  Praise be to God!

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